31 December 2005


Rather than write a post about how it's nearly BAFAB week, I'll just lift this directly from my friend (and BAFAB creator), Deb:

Okay, folks. Now that that nasty business of Christmas is over and done with, you need to get thinking about BAFAB! The next Buy a Friend a Book week starts bright and early on January 1st. But unlike the drudgery of Christmas shopping, one need only walk with a light step--dance, nearly--to a bookstore (or online shopping venue) and select a book--one special book that will fit perfectly in the hands of one special friend. Nothing for Aunt Mimi and Uncle Glenn this time, whom you'd prefer not to see again so soon anyway. Just one simple heartfelt purchase, the way gift giving ought to be.

I've been the lucky recepient of two BAFAB books and have sent out two myself. BAFAB is an awesome way to show love and affinity with fellow bibliophiles!



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