20 February 2006

Calypso and Wahine

Seeing Blue Ridge Blog post a photo of her Beta made me want to show off my girls.

These two lovely ladies came to me via WalMart, on sale as they looked pathetic. (Just like the Blue Ridge Blog story!) I played on the husband's sympathy and he agreed to let me have them, both of us expecting them to not last through the weekend--if they made it through the night. That was January 17th (or so) 2004.

The result has been two sweet little faces to greet me everytime I sit at the computer, to look happy when I turn their light on and to do the happiest swimmy-jiggly dance when I pick up the yellow food container. I've been continually suprised at how long they have lived and how much they brighten my life. For two little bitty creatures, they have a lot of personality.

WahineMy little Wahine (the blue girl) has been sick twice, but I've managed to find the right thing to do to make her healthy again. She appears to be feeling ill again, now, and I'm not so hopefull this time. She is rather old, I fear.

In the meantime, I'll just enjoy my nymphs for each more day they give.

(by the way, these photos do NOT do justice to their vibrant colors; Calypso is really a deep shade of crimson and Wahine is a dark royal blue)



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