01 June 2006

Sergeant Pepper

My little hamster, Sergeant Pepper, died today. We just found him as we went in for our nightly visit. To say I'm really sad is an under-estimate. How does one express sorrow over the loss of a pet? He was such a good hamster, loving, friendly, funny, cute.

Sergeant Pepper as a baby, asleep in my lap:

Eating a chip, also in my lap:

Playing in his play-pen, still as a baby before his "boy parts" fully developed--I couldn't have photographed him in this pose afterward!

Playing on our bed:

You will be missed, little ham-turd! Rest in peace. Momma loves you.



Blogger Michelle said...

I'm so sorry. (((hugs)))

5:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm so sorry. to hear that

5:22 PM  

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