02 June 2006

A-B-C, baby, it's 1-2-3

I borrowed this some time ago from the journal of laerry at deviantArt. She's an awesome Harry Potter fan artist. Go take a peek at her stuff!

A - Available?: Only for my hubbie. ;D
A - Age: 33 for a few weeks longer
A - Annoyance: Phew. . . where to start. Road construction; books that look good on the cover and turn out silly; bad drivers; mean people; not enough chex pieces in the chex mix bag; saggy bra straps; crud in the bottom of the sink drain; the hubbie's ex-wife; hot weather; loud people; white hairs waving on top of my head.

B - Best Friends?: The husband and my Mom
B - Bar: No thanks
B - Birthday?: July 30

C - Crush: Rudolph Valentino, John Lennon, Severus Snape (book only, NOT movie verson) and my husband
C - Car: an Escort nicknamed R2
C - Cat(s): yes, please--four: General Patton, Cleopatra, Anne Boleyn and Czarina

D - Dead Pets Name: recently my little Sgt. Pepper; Captain Wentworth April 21, 2004 and Dusty and Dixie (cocker spanial sisters) that were my constant companions from childhood well into my twenties.
D - Dad's Name: Daddy
D - Dog(s): None at the moment, no fenced in yard. We've talked about getting one eventually, but may opt for a goat instead.

E - Easiest person to talk to: Mom
E - Eggs: Not on their own, please, but fine in stuff.
E - Email: Sing with me please, "spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spamidy, SPAM, sapmidy, spam!". I like REAL email a lot! But I'm not the world's best at responding.

F - Favorite color?: Greens, especially lime(!!), followed by blues
F - Food: Heck, yeah! I became vegetarian again in Novemeber and am happily rediscovering long lost favorite veggie foods.
F - Foreign Slang: I have a few British-isms I picked up from British friends in college and from reading British authors.

G - Gummy Bears or Worms: Bears please, the worms are a wee bit too real.
G - God: Yes, I do believe.
G - Good Times: I'm rich with them!

H - Hair Color: Right now it's brownish-black. If I can find somewhere to get lime green highlights or a bottle that will give me the same, I shall add some green to my hair. Otherwise, I may bring the red out again this summer, or go Elvira again. Who knows!
H - Height: 5'6.5"
H - Happy: Nearly all the time.

I - Ice Cream: Oh yeah! My addiction! I gave it for Lent and let me tell ya, it was HARD!
I - Instrument: I played violin and viola during middle school and high school and also sing a bit.
I - Idol: Eh what? Do I have one? Um. . . No, I guess not.

J - Jewelry: Earrings, wedding band, belly button ring; occasionally a necklace or stack of bracelets if I remember. My nose will be pierced just as soon as I loose some more weight (I'm so excited!!!!) It's a deal I made with myself to help in the weight loss department.
J - Job: I am the assistant, jill of all trades, and general dogsbody assigned to the office that tests preschoolers to see if they qualify for Special Education preschool services through our county school system.
J - Jokes: I like 'em pretty good, as long as they are jokes I can repeat to my Mom or step-daughter. *gives hubbie the meaningfully raised eyebrow*

K - Kids: 12 year step-daughter which is more'n enough for me
K - Karate: No thanks
K - Kung Fu: Again, I'd better pass

L - Love: I've got it!
L- Longest Car Ride: Rode to FL once and up to NY once (both from NC). Both trips seemed to take weeks, but I'm sure they didn't.
L - Lipstick or Chapstick: Both and lipgloss.

M - Milk Flavor: 1% white milk, occasional chocolate milk, sometimes Ovaltine and sometimes Hershey's syrup-made chocolate milk; mostly plain ol' white milk though.
M - Mothers Name: Momma
M - Movie Last Watched: completely: The Sheik with Valentino; partially: Brideshead Revisited

N - Number of Siblings: None, I'm happily an only
N - Northern or Southern: Southern Belle
N - Name: You'd never believe me if I told you

O - One Wish: Well, jeez, if I can only have one. . . could it be for unlimited wishes? Hmm. . . well, if not, I guess world peace--though about a million dollars wouldn't be a bad one either.
O - One Phobia?: ANTS!!!!!!!!!
O - Otter Pops?: I just vaguely remember the commercial for those--don't think I had them much as a kid though. Mom made homemade freezer pops, mostly. Yum!

P - Parents, are they married or divorced: married--I'm lucky!
P - Part of your appearence you like best: My eyes are probably my best feature, then my hands
P - Part of your Personality you like best: I'm generally good natured.

Q - Quick or Slow?: That all depends on the situatation, acutally.
Q - Queer or Straight?: Straight girl
Q - Queen or King?: I share my queendom with three kitty queens. :D

R - Reason to smile: I have so many reasons to smile!
R - Reality TV Show: I don't watch TV (no realy, I don't. No antenna, no cable, no joke--my choice!)
R - Right or Left: Right

S - Song Last Heard: Listening to "Ride On" by AC/DC right now.
S - Season: anytime it's cool
S - Series: The Prisioner, Monty Python, the Avengers (the orginal; I've heard talk that it has been or is being remade), MTV's the State, Connections

T - Time you woke up: today? Uh. . . I'm on vacation, okay, don't make me tell!
T - Time Now: 9:45 pm
T - Time for bed: it's Friday night without the step-daughter--there is no bedtime!

U - Unknown: I love to dance, though I'm not the best dancer.
U - Unicorns: They're pretty cool in their early incarnations, not in their silly, girlie incarnation.
U - You are?: Putting off doing house work

V - Vegetable you hate: mushrooms--do fungii count as veggies?
V - Vegetable you love: Asparagus, peas, corn, tomatoes, broccoli, brussels sprouts, and SO many more!
V - View on Politics: lately, I'm just not sure WHAT my view is!

W- Worst Habit: I don't have any habits that I can think of, my bad things are character traits
W- Where are you going to travel next: nowhere this summer, other than to see my parents in Asheville. I <3 my home town!
W- What's up?: Chicken butt?

X - X-Rays: Yup. And MRIs and CAT scans, too.
X - X-Rated: Naw
X- XYZ: I'm not wearing a zipper!

Y - Year you were born: Year of the Rat
Y - Year it is now: 2006
Y - Yellow?: Pretty enough, usually

Z - Zoo Animal: Any as long as it's NOT simian
Z - Zodiac: Leo
Z - Zoolander?: I'm not really sure what it is, but from other peoples answers, I assume it's either a TV show or a movie. If it's the first, well, I don't watch TV. If it's the second, Netflix hasn't mention it yet, so. . .


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