16 July 2008

Annie's Vocabulary List

Debi has a little contest she runs on her other blog. It's a vocabulary game of sorts, where she gives a list of vocabulary words she and her husband have run across during their reading and are giving to their daughter to learn as vocabulary. The point of the game is to use up to 10 of the words in up to 10 sentences. Annie will decide which sentences she likes best that week and award points. At the end of 10 weeks, the vocabulary maven dances all the way to Amazon with $10 gift card in their pocket.

I missed week 1, due to my inability to keep up with what day it is as I follow vampire hours, but I've already posted my sentences for week 2. Go by and read these awesome words--I had to look up a BUNCH--and offer some sentences to Annie. It's all in the name of fun and knowledge, so how can you loose?

This week's vocab list can be found here.

Week 1's list with instructions and Annie's interests can be found here.

This week's entries are due by Thursday morning, so get to writing! :D


Blogger Debi said...

Thanks for the plug!

And not that it actually matters, but the first eight words of the list come from a "vocabulary book"...she always gets this basic list and then we add on all the words that Rich, Annie, or I run across during our reading that week. I swear that Rich and I both have better vocabularies than that must have led you to believe! LOL

7:34 AM  
Blogger Medbie said...

I have had to look up many of those words, first 8 and down! LOL

4:20 PM  

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