28 December 2008

Na na (x8). . . Bat Girl!

After more than a year wanting it, and several months in the planning stage, I finally have my very own bat tattoo!

In answer to all the questions I know I'll be asked. . .
Yes, I nearly passed out, but not because it hurt or there was blood or anything like that. I had just been so dog-gone nervous that the anxiety did some sort of funky thing with adrenaline and blood sugar and I got all light-headed. I was embarrassed, but was told it was a common thing.

No, it didn't hurt. The most "hurty" part of it was on the upper arm when it felt like, maybe an injection. It doesn't hurt now, feels like a bit of a sunburn is all.

It took around two hours and after that first 5 minutes of light-headedness, all was a walk in the park. Mark (of Liquid Dragon in Asheville, NC) did a fantabulous job!

Now, I've just got to continue loosing weight and tone up those flabby arms!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the one with his little feet, LOL -- Asynjur

8:50 PM  

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