19 October 2008

Fabulous Halloween Book Giveaway

My friend, Deb, is having an wonderful Halloween Themed Book Give-away! It requires a wee bit of creativity, but I know you can do it. :D Go check it out and see if you find my entry while you are at it. I was quite proud of it. :D


Blogger Debi said...

Your's was fabulous! And was the one below you by your husband, because I totally loved that one, too!

Thanks for the heads up on the contest. Mine wasn't very good, but it was too fun to not at least try.

9:22 AM  
Blogger Medbie said...

I really liked yours too! I would read that book. :D

It WAS so fun! That phrase "there was five of us, in a Cadillac" has been stuck in my hubby's head for some time now, so he was glad to use it. LOL

9:38 PM  

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