12 June 2006

Did You Know?

  • There are no snake native to Alaska! Now we know where St. Patrick spent his summer vacation

  • It costs several ancient pirate's treasure chests to subscribing to the OED online. Well, though that is completely out of my price range (sigh--which is a shame as I need a decent dictionary and the OED is the only way to go when one is an avid 19th century British Lit fan), at least I can get the OED Word of the Day, which is always fun.

  • Apparently no millipede has more than 750 legs. Either scientists thought we'd never find out, the original version had 250 legs pulled off before version 2 came out or whoever named it thought Sevenhundredandfiftyleggedscarycritter was too long.

  • When my newest favorite actor, Rudolph Valentino, died at 31 (complications from surgery) some 80,000-100,000 mourners caused a near riot at the funeral in NYC. The family had anticipated this and feared that the fans would mob his body, so they had a wax effigy made for use at the funeral. His real body was buried later.

  • Stoney and I have won the Gold Medal for Syncronized Sleep Turning for 5 years in a row in the annual Somnolence Olympics! We're hoping to bring home the sixth this summer. Well, maybe that isn't ENTIRELY true, but we are awfully good at rolling over together while we're sleeping and still managing to stay spooned.

Okay, enough trivia. . . Here's a photo of Valentino and I'm off to play, uh, work.

Valentino in Son of the Sheiko


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