26 June 2007

Snarky and Lovable!

I stumbled on a lovely snarky blog, The Photo Meme Hall of Shame, dedicated to outing the worst in photo memes. I laughed until my jaws hurt and took a vow to never again post the same photo to two memes at once!

Just to give you an example, may I quote this post:
But when the mighty Photo Friday unleashes a topic as loosely defined as last week's Amber, apparently anything goes.

Shameful submissions were found. Many. Oh so very many... but it's clear that any color between canary yellow and maroon constitutes Amber. Maybe it's a question of screen calibration, or maybe the public school system's art program has let us down once again.

Who watches the watcher, we always say. Well, now we know who posts on the post-er!


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