17 July 2007

1964: The Tribute

Stoney and I treated ourselves to a concert as an anniversary gift; we saw 1964: The Tribute, a Beatles tribute band (Rolling Stone calls them the best). They are the second I've seen and they really are good, lots of energy and fun. They've been doing this 24 years and though they may not really look like the guys, they have their body movements and personalities down pat so it was SUCH a fun time. Made me love the originals even more, if you can understand that. The only bad part was that the only went up to the Sgt. Pepper album. I love the drug influenced songs, they're my favorites, but we still got some good stuff. Plus, the whole thing was just plain fun. They had such energy and so obviously loved what they did. Stoney and I came away on a high from the experience.

Some of the audience were old fogies, who just sat there, but then there were a few of us there for a good time (like Stoney and me). The band wanted audience participation and boy did we give it. :P Sould've heard us filling in during the Yellow Submarine. Can't say we don't know that bit! Plus, I did the fan girl deal, screaming for m'man "John" to the top of my lungs and yelling for my second favorite, "George", during a lull while he was introducing a song--which I'm pleased to say caused the guitar trio to exchange an amused look and have to wait an extra beat. Go me!

Of course, had it been the REAL John and George, the folks around me wouldn't have been able to hear from my screams and sobs.

Back when we were still dating, we saw Rain: the Beatles Experience, which used a full orchestra and followed their whole career. Now, I can't say they were better than 1964, because 1964 had such energy, but Rain changed into three sets of costumes, used the orchestra and played my favorite pscyadelic tunes, so they were fabulous too. The bad thing was that, due to it being with our Symphany, no one had the freedom to play fan girl. *sigh*

Anyway, whole point being that I highly recommend either one of these bands to any Beatles Maniac like the hubbie and I. Seeing a tribute band, as Stoney says, makes us appreciate the originals even more while (if the band is good) promising a heckuva good time. :D


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