13 August 2007

Back to School

Right now I am: Eating cold pizza out of the box, looking at a cute kitty asleep on Stoney's computer and getting ready to play an hour or so of World of Warcraft. I'm exhausted after our first day of morning kids. (Three year olds only come half a day, four days a week.)

School started Friday for our preschoolers. I'm in the 3 year old autistic class (instead of the 4 year old, as was originally the plan) and this particular class is a really exciting, new concept. It's a transition class, where we are bringing them in, teaching them how to go to school, how to "learn to learn", over the course of 12 weeks and then (if it works) they will transition into another special ed preschool classroom that is not just autistic kiddos. That way, they'll be able to learn from peers better than they would if they are only around autistic peers. Plus, the teacher that they will be transitioning to will be able to spend some time in our class with the child, getting to know him/her and his/her learning style during those 12 weeks. It is SO exciting. Seeing as how the amount of autism in our county is rather high (around 80 preschoolers diagnosed among 30 classrooms of special ed preschoolers as we started this year), we need to do all we can to help these loves and the teachers that aren't used to having a lot of autism in their classroom. It's a win-win situation all over.

Except, of course, that we don't get to keep them all year. We're going to get attached and then turn them over. And get attached and turn them over. Repeat. All year long. We three will have the hardest part--but then again, we'll just get more kids to love!

Need I say that I am SOOOO excited! A super exciting new classroom and I'm part of it! Helping as many children as we can possibly help in the most effective way.

Oh, and I get to be in charge of structured play! And I gonna have fun or what?!

Stoney is: Playing WoW and awaiting me.

I'm listening to: The Allman Brothers

The weather is: Hot, to the nth degree, but still a little less than it was Friday when the bank's flashing sign was registering 113 F. Sigh.

Today's addiction: Celestial Seasons Goji Berry Pomegranate Green Tea, little sugar, over ice. It's pass-out good!

The good thing that happened today: First day with our morning group of kids.

The bad thing that happened today: First day with our morning group of kids. :P


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