26 July 2007

The Things You Learn in School

Went to a super conference today. Had two short sessions and one long session, all of which were interesting and enlightening and mostly applicable to my classroom. Nice!

The one thing I learned, which is NOT applicable to my classroom, is too interesting not to share. It seems, according to the child neurologist/psychologist I was listening to, in a discussion about the importance of smell on the emotions (excuse the commas, but I promise, I am getting somewhere), that females responded in a "aroused fashion" to the scents of licorice and cucumber, while males respond in the same fashion to cinnamon. We learned this under the guise of warning for those teaching adolescences; do not have or wear these scents in the classrooms if you're in middle school or up he said--something those teachers need to know!

Wonder how many of us stopped at Wal Mart to buy cinnamon candles on the way home?


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