16 June 2006

A Day in the Life

Despite my determination to post more regularly, I've been playing even more on GoPets of late, as I've been a part of the test server. Though I don't like all the changes they're working on, I'm trying to take a serious, active role in testing them so I can give balanced feedback and not just say "Yuck! I liked it the way it was!" It's not that I don't like change, because I generally do--unless it's change in a game. I have a hard time with game changes for some reason. I didn't like Zoo Tycoon 2 nearly as well, Dungeon Seige II was particularly noxious to me, I sold back my copy of Rome Total War after about 15 minutes of play and Unreal Tournament 2004 was just, well, wrong. On the other hand, I played through both of the No One Lives Forever games and adored both and I've not met a Lara Croft I didn't like (though I can't claim to have finished them all). It's game play I don't like changed I guess; once I get used to WAY a game plays I don't want to relearn it. I want it expanded, sure. Give me more and more levels, new adventures, harder enemies that sort of thing, but still leave it the same. Make any sense? I didn't think so.

In other life news, it seems that my doctors may have settled on the right medicine cocktail for me (thanks to me mate, Piquan, from Puzzle Pirates, for the phrase). A right combination of meds and shots seems to finally have the migraines, ruptured upper discs and lower back degenration under control. I've had less pain in the past 6 weeks than I've had in the last 2 years and have felt great. If this keeps up, I'll be begging for a transfer back to the classroom before to long. And OH how I want to do that. I could get up and do a disco down at the thought.

Ever since Stoney and I got to see Al Green in person last year (oh lucky day!), I've had my own personal all-Al-all-the-time music mix on-going, especially if Stoney's not here. I don't want to burn him out entirely you know. But, let me say, Al Green IS the World's Greatest Soul Singer. Period. I wouldn't go so far as to say I'd leave my husband for him or anything (John Lennon has that spot reserved), but let's just say that he maintains the number three spot in my heart. ;)

Czarina is asleep in her basket, General is sleeping at my feet, Patra is in the attic snoozing. I can't see Anne Bo, so she's either gone up with Patra or is on the bed in her favorite sleepy spot. Silly kitties. They make me want to go take a nap, too, but I slept late and am behind on my chores, so I really need to go and do some more work. I'd rather nap or read or play, though. Acting like a grown up is tough sometimes! I'll counteract it by having ice cream for lunch.


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