13 June 2007


I'm glad, glad I tell you, that Deb's blog has a comment verification stage where one has to type in random letters and numbers. I mean, without that, who KNOWS what type of people would be posting who KNOWS what type of comments about beetle parts. Besides, when I owned my domain and had my blog there, I felt like I spent more time clearing up bot-spam than I did actually blogging.

But . . . but . . . but . . . *insert sputter here* WHY does it always have to give me a "q" or a "g" to start off with? Does it just KNOW I have a hard time with those two letters? Give me all the 2's and Z's and S's you want, but. . . not the Q's and G's! For some reason, my brain tends to mix 'em up in a situation like that.

(Like yellow when I'm playing a board game--NEVER make me have the yellow playing piece; I'll have everyone else's piece all over the board thinking it's mine. I simply can't seem to recognize yellow in a situation like that and ESPECIALLY if red is the only color on the board. I dunno why, but I think it might be an Asperger's Spectrum thing, though I only brush the spectrum and can't use that for an excuse for everything.)

So, it seems like Deb's blog is always having to graciously give me a second chance to leave a comment. How many second chances will I get? Will there come a time that it decides I'm a spammer for real and blocks me off? Or is it some sort of devious test that I keep failing? Do I need to study more, cramming with flashcards of typeset Q and G? Or should I just shut the heck up and go to bed?


Blogger Debra Hamel said...

Hey, Qypsi! I think the spam bot only comes up when you've posted more than one note in a row. Not sure. Hmmm. Tryinq to qet more g's in here so I can mix them up with q's....

10:27 AM  

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