11 June 2007

Lively Up Yourself!

What's up with me: Having a late night nosh of ice cream and preparing to take my paladin out for some death and destruction until I'm too sleepy to game. This weekend was a wash due to a headache that started late Friday and didn't stop until late last night, so I've got a lot of playing to catch up on.

I'm reading: The Wedding by Imraan Coovadia. Still reading Come to the Quiet by John Michael Talbot as this will take a while. I've put Sharon McCrumb's Ghost Riders on hold for a bit. I was too eager to read more of Diana Wynne Jones (which I did and will, when more comes in to the library for me), to focus on it.

Just finished reading: The Lives of Christopher Chant by Diana Wynne Jones I really like her and this is my favorite so far!

Stoney is: Sleeping soundly and safely. Now that he uses the CPAP, I don't have to worry about him dying in his sleep! :D

Latest movie watched: Howl's Moving Castle, which was good, but the book was a bijillon times better, of course. (Yes, this is the same thing, copied and pasted, since I started doing this. Shows how many movies we watch, eh?)

I'm listening to: Marley again--the killer, long version of Lively Up Yourself.

Quote of the day: "Four score and seven years ago my grandfather looked out of the window of his train and saw the most beautiful woman in the world." from The Wedding by Imraan Coovadia


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