06 June 2007

Wednesday? What a funny looking word.

What's up with me: Trying to prepare a wee bit for a special visitor tomorrow. :D One of the kids from my preschool class (and yes, IF I had a favorite, this would be the one), is going to spend the day with me. His family needs a break occasionally (given that he is a 4 year old special needs kiddo, gee, I wonder why?) So, I'm planning a long, busy and quite interesting day. I'm excited! I've missed this little guy. I teared up putting him on the bus the last day of school. Maybe I can get a few photos without showing his face so I can show him off. He has around 13 words, one of which is his version of my name. Notice the swollen head? Along with words like Mama, pizza, more, toast, hi, and bye is my name!

I'm reading: Come to the Quiet by John Michael Talbot and Ghost Riders by Sharon McCrumb. It's about one of my childhood heroes, Zeb Vance, whose birthplace was just a few miles away from my growing-up-place.

Just finished reading: The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents by Terry Pratchett

Stoney is: On his way home. Huzzah!

Latest movie watched: Howl's Moving Castle, which was good, but the book was a bijillon times better, of course. (Yes, this is the same thing, copied and pasted, since I started doing this. Shows how many movies we watch, eh?)

I'm listening to: Some AWESOME surf music by the Route 66 Killers, a newish band Stoney heard about recently; he ordered their cd and we're really digging it!

Quote of the day: "A lysander no golva," Jerome Jamison. (Title of my latest spam.)

The weather is: 84, sunny and oppresively hot when I was trying to clean out the car.


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