12 June 2007

Super Snoozer

What's up with me: Would you believe a slept through the alarm for about an hour this morning?! It was set for 10:30 and when I heard it I got up, went into the bathroom and hit the snooze. When it went off again, it was 11:49. Somewhere in there, I lost an hour!

I must have slept through it at some point? For a whole hour? That horrid grinding that sounds as if it's warning of approaching enemy planes. I slept through that for an hour?!

Granted, the alarm is in the bathroom, and we sleep with the bedroom door shut, but that's just the way Stoney and I do the alarm business. If we don't have to actually get out of bed to cut it off, we just hit the snooze and keep sleeping. As you can see, I'll get up and hit the snooze! Heck, I'll do that every nine minutes four or five times.

Yes, I'll get out of bed, open the bedroom door, close the bedroom door (can't let the cats in the bedroom; they might eat the hamster that lives in there with us) walk a few steps down the hall to the bathroom, turn on the light, hit the snooze, turn off the light, stumble back to the bedroom door, open and shut it and go back to bed for nine minutes. Times four. I'm a WHOLE lot better now that I sleep with a CPAP and am not so dead tired all the time; today, for instance, I only hit the snooze once.

But the point to all this rambling is that I lost an hour somewhere. Guess I must've slept through the original alarm, because I'm usually more alert for the snooze alarms. That would explain why two of the cats were waiting at the door when I opened it. Their poor little ears!

Stoney is: Just finished up his lunch at work and is getting super dooper excited about tomorrow--we're headed to Asheville for the day and he's getting his much anticipated tattoo! The amazing artist (Mark Ledford of Liquid Dragon Studios, where I got my piercings) has put a lot of time drawing just the right look from Stoney, sending him sketches by email and making to Stoney's specifications. It looks amazing on paper and I can't wait to see how the final art looks on him! (Matter of a fact, it looks so awesome and Mark is so fabulous that I'm thinking of having him design me a simple bat and moon tattoo, myself!)

I'm listening to: Yes, Marley again. What can I say, I'm a Marley addict!

Quote of the day: "Well behaved women seldom make history." Laurel Thatcher Ulrich


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