23 July 2007


My favorite student from last year, J., spent the day with me Friday. Stoney was home, and J. thinks he's pretty cool and looks for him when he's not here. Matter of a fact, he shocked me one day by making a fairly good approximation of Stoney's name when we came in the door, asking for him.

We were sitting here at our huge desk, me and J. on one side and Stoney on the other and our HUGE Abbey Road poster on the wall beside us. Now, J. has about 18 words or so that he uses regularly; he will repeat just about anything you say, as he's at that stage cognitively, but that doesn't mean he'll understand it or ever use it again. For regular words he uses some names, some food names, has in the past few months started saying "yeah" appropriately in answer to some questions and JUST started saying "no". I was thrilled! Friday was the first time I had ever heard him say it. I nearly cried!

So, back to the desk. . . J. and I were looking at, I think, starfall.com which has awesome things for younger kids, when Stoney pointed to the posted and said "Beetles!". J. pointed and repeated, "Beebles!". We laughed and gave him lots of positive reinforcement. A few minutes later, Stoney pointed out each Beatles, saying "John, Paul, George, Ringo". J. made unintelligible imitations, ending with "Raingoh!" which was adorable so we laughed and gave him more positive reinforcement.

Five-ten minutes later, maybe more, out of the blue, J. pointed up to the poster and said, "BEEBLES!", so proud of himself, and as I hugged him and made a big dealof it , he pointed four times saying unintelligible jargon ending with "Raingoh!".

No matter how hard we tried, casually and directly, we never did get him to do it again quite as well as he did (probably due to the fact that we hid the video camera and had it running in hopes of catching him doing it spontaneously again), but it was one of those precious moments that we'll never forget--his proud little face and that adorable grin, looking at Stoney to make sure that Stoney was watching him. Too cute!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the BEEBLES!


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