24 July 2007

Just Curious; Do Tell.

As some of you know, I'm jealous of Lauren Bacall. Stoney's had a crush on her for years and years and years. Yes, he'd probably still leave me for Slim if she beckoned. Or told him to whistle. Sigh.

Now, Stoney is luckier. None of my near-heartthrobs are still alive, or even real for that matter. Severus Snape (NOT the actor, canon version only; and yes, he is a greasy git, it's part of his charm so get over it), John Lennon and Rudolph Valentino.

But now, what I'm itching do know is. . . do any of y'all have have favorite people like that? Not really a crush, because let's face it, we're most of us way too old, though I still worry about Stoney and Slim, but. . . Do you have a special place in your heart for someone like Snape or Slim? I'm curious. Do tell.

edit: interesting. . . over on Twitter Susan Victoria confessed up to "Sean Connery, Benjamin Netanyahu and *any* superior tenor. Also a number of Hispanics". If Stoney had a male crush, I'm betting it would be Connery. Of course, I dig him too, but he's just not my top three.


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