23 July 2007

This Just In

I just got an email from my school principal, telling me my classroom assignment for the upcoming school year. I'm so happy, I've actually got tears. It may sound sappy to some, but God has given me my heart's desire. I will be in a class with nothing but 4 year old autistic children, the really hard cases, the ones that just can't go into a class with even the other special ed kids because of where they are on the spectrum.

The teacher is new, she came in at winter break and worked miracles last school year, so I'm super excited to work with her. I know and already love some of the kids and now and I'll be able to love them even more. There are no words to express just how blessed I feel right now.

And how humbled. And how honored. A grave responsibility rests on the shoulders of the teacher and TAs in that classroom, teaching life skills and social skills, giving love, showing an example; I get to be a part of that.



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