03 May 2008

April 2008 Reading List

The Homeward Bounders: Diana Wynne Jones
I have yet to read a novel by this lady that was less than 4.5 stars; if I do, I'll be shocked. Technical writing as well as story line are always both top notch. I can't rave enough about Ms. Jones. Despite the fact the are children's or YA, her books are fantastic!

Cart and Cwidder: Diana Wynne Jones
Book 1 in the Dalemark Quartet and a darn good promising start--Stoney is already up the final book.

The Ship Who Sang: Anne McCaffrey
Excellent sci-fi; the actual writing of the first story was not that great but the STORY itself made up for it, and she improved as the stories went on. In fact, this has become a top 50 favorite book, despite not-the-best technical writing. The story line is that good!

No Time for Goodbye: Lynwood Barclay
Good solid 4 star thriller; Stoney and I both enjoyed it!

Coraline: Neil Gaiman
A thoroughly frightening 4 star children's story by this most excellent novelist.

Coincidence: David Ambrose
Another 5 star mind-boggler.

The Sunday Philosophy Club: Alexander McCall Smith
I'm becoming a huge fan of Smith and prefer this series, so far.

The Lightening Thief: Rick Riordan
Book 1 in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. I love this YA series! The three I've read (they follow) are 5 star winners. The best part is that one can come into this series with little or no Greek myth knowledge. Riordan finds such nice ways to introduce or explain the myths he's referencing without it seeming forced. I'm eagerly awaiting the penultimate book.

The Sea of Monsters: Rick Riordan
Book 2 in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.

Death at Wentwater Court: Carola Dunn
The first of the Daisy Dalrymple series: fluffy mysteries set in 1920's England--totally addictive and enjoyable.

The Titan's Curse: Rick Riordan
Book 3 in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.

The Gift: Patrick O'Leary
5 stars, no doubt; beautifully written, eloquent and lovely story.


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