09 May 2008

Friday Fill-Ins

1. The Greek salad dressing that is my favorite had an extra secret ingredient; it was impossible for me to duplicate at home!
2. During my nap this afternoon, I heard wonderful thunder through my window.
3. Right now, I need more sleep and less alergies.
4. Our school open house is where I went Thursday night; it was exhausting, making for a 12-hour work-day, but also super-rewarding to hear so many positive comments from these parents.
5. Why does indigestion hurt so much?
6. All I can think of is the salsa I ate last night and how badly it burns right now.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to (maybe) reading and some more lovely sleep, tomorrow my plans include a day trip to see Mom and Sunday, I want to relax and play World of Warcraft all day!


Blogger Janet said...

man, I LOVE thunder storms!!! Thanks for playing, hope you feel better, have some fun this weekend!

11:58 PM  
Blogger {KKC} said...

OMG alergies stink, I hope you feel better soon.

1:03 AM  
Blogger tanabata said...

Allergies are never fun. Hope you feel better and get some sleep. An afternoon nap sounds pretty good right about now!

3:50 AM  
Blogger The Holistic Knitter said...

I love Greek salad. Thunderstorms are wonderful too! ;0)

5:25 AM  

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