23 June 2008

On Milkshakes and Mysteries

Making milkshakes is a mystery to me. I mean, sure I can put the milk in the blender and plop in the ice cream and then hit the button, but. . . I never get it quite right. There must be instructions somewhere, some secret that other people know that I missed. By the time I finally get the proportions of milk to ice cream adjusted, I've got enough to serve me and all four cats (which would please them just fine), but that's not what I wanted. I just wanted a simple, one serving milkshake.

What's the secret?

I obviously had my nose in a book when the Milkshake Mystery was explained to mankind.


Blogger bethany said...

HAHA! Yes, I haven't made them for a while,but I really know what you are saying. I found out that I just had to add way more ice than I expected, I don't have any recipies for you though. I am sure you could find some via google search, they have EVERYTHING !! good luck! I am sure you have very lucky kitties!!

5:32 PM  

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