02 June 2008

The Orbis Terrarum Challenge Meme

The Orbis Terrarum Challenge meme:

1.) What country do you always go back to in your travels (not just while reading for OT)? I prefer to read 18th-19th century British lit. That's been my preference for years and I have to force myself away; when I do, it's usually just to 20th century British novels. (That's when I'm visiting actual worlds; I spend a lot of my reading time in virtual worlds as well.)

2.) If you could visit 4 of the countries you have read about in your life (that you haven't been to yet), which would they be and why? (you can include the book that makes you want to visit if you remember) I've always wanted to visit the UK--my passion is (surprise) 18th-19th century British history and therefore my desire to visit the UK. I'd love to visit China, based on a historical fiction I read as a teen (Of Nightingales that Weep). Also, I read everything I could get my hands on about ancient Egypt as a kid, and I am still dying to visit there one day.

3.) Have you ever dreamed about a country you have read about, that you have never actually traveled to- except in your dreams? Not that I can remember, not a REAL country anyway. I have occasionally dreamt about the fantasy worlds I read about--the worlds of Pratchett and Diana Wynne Jones in particular.

4.) In what ways has reading about different countries opened up your perspective about global issues? In 2004, I read an ARE of Standing Alone in Mecca: An American Woman's Struggle for the Soul of Islam which was SO timely and eye-opening and helped educate me (and therefore change my uneducated prejudices) about what Islam is really about. It is still a timely book and will certainly educate and enlighten. I HIGHLY recommend it. My review can be found here

5.) What countries have you felt your judgment was off about-after reading about that nation? See above--while Islam is not a nation, per se, it is the religion of many of my brothers and sisters in this world and boy, was I was way off about it!

6.) Which is your favourite book that you would recommend for this challenge (you don't have to have read it during the challenge)? I have to list two. Lolita (my review) and Reading Lolita in Tehran (my review)> The first would be perfect for a Russian author and is such a powerful book. The second is also such a powerful book, in quite another way, and would give the reader an Iranian author. Both come highly recommended--5 stars each, as my reviews will show. Of course, Standing Alone in Mecca is another I can't help but recommend too!

7.) I am thinking about hosting again, for a full year next time starting in January, do you have any constructive criticism, is one book a month about right...more? less? Give me some thoughts. I think one a month (for a total of 12 a year) is good. I liked the freedom of reading more per month (I'll probably finish early), but knowing that I can change around and dump out my USA and Great Britain authors if I get them read with time to spare.

I have no criticism--this has been such a great idea! I'm glad that you have given us a place to post review links, too, so we can check out what other participants are reading. That's fun too.

8.) Anything else that you have been wanting to tell us all about? let us have it! This challenge has encouraged me to try new authors and leave the genres with which I'm most comfortable. It's been SUCH a positive experience! Hooray!


Blogger bethany said...

I loved your meme answers! I am intrigued about the must reads you have on there, I will search for them. The one about the women and Islam sounds especially good. Thanks for your answers, it is great to get insight into what people are enjoying.

Have a great week!!

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