01 July 2009

Is it already Wednesday?

Nearly broke the key off in the door going out to feed the Outside Critters. Worrisome moment. I don't feed them as often as the kitties, but they certainly eat well when I do. Today they have French herb Quinoa which wasn't as herby as it smelled AND I cooked it too long, some black grapes that weren't up to snuff and left over creamed corn from a restaurant last week that I just never got around to eating. If I put it out early enough, the birds will get to eat some, they'll like the grain and maybe the grapes, before the night shift comes in to demolish anything left. We have possoms (my favorites), raccoons (Stoney's favorites), skunks and even an occasional fox. Makes for lovely night watching; we have a large window over looking their feeding place. Sometimes we can hear the raccoons when they come visiting. Sometimes we'll look once and the food'll all be there, look a short while later and it's all gone. I like to think of our home as an animal sanctuary. Find peace, all who enter these grounds.

Except ants of course. They aren't animals, and they don't count in the "all". I hate and fear them. Sprayed around the door while letting the cats eat grass this morning ("this will make EXCELLENT barfs!") and so of course, I came in with one on my neck just now. Mean, NASTY critters. I hates 'em! They're very fast and they'd run all over me before I could stop it. And they bite and sting and get in my food. I hates 'em!

Posted a comment over at the Bleat. Lileks recently watched Lolita and I tried to convince him of the need to read the book. (my review is here.) If I ever teach a college lit class (unlikely given my predilection for special ed preschoolers), I will assign Lolita. Then maybe, just maybe, one or two will actually READ it and see it for what it is. An AMAZING novel. Or if I ever find a lamp genie or magic wand (more likely than the lit class) I'll wish for educated people with a bent (notice I did NOT say prejudice) against it to suddenly decide to read it. I bet that 75% or more would come away just awed by it, and in love with Nabokov's writing, just like I did. Every time we go to the used book store, I buy anything by him I can. The man has such an amazing way about him.

I should be reading some of the Nabokovs I have stacked on my to-be-read shelf this summer, but instead I have been sating myself in the world of Vlad Taltos by Steven Brust. Good fantasy stuff. He has built a fabulous world that I have completely bought into and love. Vlad is an assassin, witch, tough talking, loud mouthed, very real fella living in a world that doesn't necessarily appreciate his qualities. He has some great friends, some great enemies and a wise ass, killer familiar. Jhereg is the first in the series if you're interested. I like how Brust doesn't tell all about his world, or even Vlad, in one go. You just get hints sometimes, sometimes he backs up the series and gives up a book out of sequence, but it's all good. Great series. I'm reading his latest Vlad book right now and sad that I'll have to wait and see when the next one comes out. There are two more short series I can read though, in the same world. Good stuff.

Matter of a fact, I like Vlad so much I made a Mii for him on the Wii. Looks just like I imagine him. Except for being a Mii, of course. Made one of Severus Snape too. Proud of those. Here, I'll show you. That's me beside Severus and that's Lady Teldra (from the Brust novels) beside Vlad.

I miss Severus. I would go back and read the HP books, but then I'd eventually get to the last one and he'd die again and I'd be all sad again, so what's the use. And don't tell me to watch the movies. I quit after number 3. They aren't cannon, Snape doens't look like Snape and the costumes. . . DIDN'T YOU GUYS READ THE BOOKS????

I could go on, but I've not had lunch, General is stealing food from the girls and the horrid Mii music is still playing and needs to be turned off.


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