27 June 2006

Harry Potter Prophecies

In an excerpt from an interview, Rowling is quoted as saying, "the final chapter is hidden away, although it's now changed very slightly. One character got a reprieve. But I have to say two die that I didn't intend to die," she said. "A price has to be paid. We are dealing with pure evil here. They don't target extras do they? They go for the main characters. Well, I do."She hints that Harry will die but won't commit.

I half way think that Harry gets "the reprieve" but then I hope it's Snape that does. I've felt for some time that Snape will die for Harry "to atone" or what have you. I can't help but hope he doesn't have to. *notices husband roll his eyes but chooses to ignore it* Voldemort will die, I'm assuming.

"A price has to be paid," she says, and I interpret that as a price being paid for defeating the "pure evil". One I expect to die, that she "didn't intend to" is Draco. I don't know why, other than he's in too deep now. Unlike Snape, I don't see him being able to save Harry's life in a moment of grand unselfishness and thereby wiping his slate clean. (I don't see Severus doing that, either, to be honest, but I'm just trying to make a point here.)

She had better not mean that Neville dies. . . If Neville dies I will be SO amazingly angry at her. So angry! Something good had better happen to little Neville, my sweet little birthday-sharing favorite. He deserves some good. I still say, despite some more obvious facts against, that he could be the one the prophecy is about and when no one expects it WHAM-O, he'll kill Voldemort.

Of course, my real theory is that Hagrid will the one to kill Voldemort. Picture this: Hargrid over Voldemort, holding him down with a heavy knee to the neck, one huge arm holding both of Voldemort's hands still. The other hand holds his pink umbrella, pointed at Voldemort's throat; hatred, never before seen in Hagrid, fills his eyes. "I forgave ya, Tom Riddle. I forgave ya when I thought ya did it fer the school. I knew how much the school meant to ya; it was everythin' to me, all I had, so I understood. You turned in Aragog to keep the school runnin', so there'd be a Hogwart's ta come back ta. I could understan' that. But when I found out later, that ya knew all along that it wasn't Aragog, that ya'd turned him over ta die ta save yer self. . ." Here Hagrid will pause and clear his throat, blink back tears, and focus the even stronger hatrid back into the eyes of Voldemort. "I kin never fergive yer fer sending Aragog out ta die!" And with that. . Avada Kedavra! and the end of Voldemort forever. The end.

That being said, all that's left is to wonder when the last book will be published. I vote for 07/07/07. Wouldn't that be THE perfect day for the release of Book 7?! I'm not the only one to say that, as I've seen it around the web, but I will say I thought of it before I saw anyone else think of it. Go me!


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