31 May 2007

School's Out!

The best part of working for the school system is the summer break! Don't know what I'll do if we go to year long school. It has it's benefits, but. . . two months off is bliss.

I'm really going to miss some of little guys though. Then there are some that I was glad to put on the bus that last time. LOL That's the thing about special needs preschool. Some of them tie themselves SO tightly around your heart while others. . . well, let's just say that others do not.

I'm hoping to accomplish a LOT this summer (unlike my disaster filled last summer!), and blogging is not on my list, but. . . :D We'll see what happens. Today, I accomplished a surprising bit, considering I didn't get up until late. Looking forward to what tomorrow brings.

And for now, I'm off to play WoW.


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