27 June 2006

Good Neighbors, Good Blogs

Deb tagged me and now I have to confess one of my deepest darkest secrets. . . Well, only sort of. Here's the breakdown:
(1) link back to the tagger which I did above, (2) name the character in a sitcom one would most like to be, and (3) tag three other people.

If I had to be in a sitcom, it simply MUST be as Barbara Good in the 1970's BBC series, Good Neighbors. I adore that show and she's so cute and perky! Tom and Barbara are trying to live off the land, without a whole lot of luck, though everything always manages to work out in the end, and they have the silliest quirkest neighbors and her sweet husband, Tom, reminds me of my beloved Stoney. Yes, it would definately be Barbara, with her nasty homemade wine, cheerful attitude and plucky dertermination! I could do a lot worse than be like Barbara and with some of the things we've gone through in the past couple of years, I've often thought of various episodes and chuckled, wondering just what would Tom and Barbara do?

Now, on to part three, the tagging. I've been out of the blogosphere for a bit, but three of the blogs I still read regularly are as follows: Indigoblog, ChastityCatt and the GardenWife.

All three have been tagged and I look forward to seeing the responses these ladies give!


Blogger Gardenwife said...

I don't know about tagging, but I did see your post come up in the search results when I searched Blogger for Gardenwife. Good to see you! :)

5:11 PM  

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