14 June 2007

The Pirate and the Pixie

Yesterday was a super busy day! We drove to Asheville, where Stoney got his incredibly fantastic tattoo done yesterday. The amazing artist, Mark Ledford of Liquid Dragon Studios, put a lot of time drawing just the right look for him, sending him sketches by email and making to Stoney's specifications. And when it came to putting the ink on skin, well. . . . look at the results! Even on day two it looks breath taking. The photo, of course, can't do it justice because the 3D aspect is somewhat lost through the lens. Looking it this, don't you want him to ink you too? I DO!

While he spent 3 1/2 hours being made even more piratical, I spent 3 hours being beautified myself by another amazing artist, Stephen Veltman. I told him what I had in mind, showed him a few photos and was literally blown away by the results. This man is a genius. Drop everything, make an appointment with him and find a way to Asheville ladies and gents! I haven't felt this good about myself since I got my super cool glasses last year!

The color is so awesome; it sort of sparkles and it's different depending on the light. (Examples provided below>) I love it even more with every glance in the mirror! And the cut--I've never been able to get my curls in this shape. I'm just awed! (If I use anymore exclampation points this post, I'll be in danger of having some sort of Gilberthorping named after me!)

I've wanted this done for years and I'm SO super glad I waited until I found Stephen! Seriously folks, this man is way too good to be plying his art in my hometown, so make your way to him post haste! And no, you don't have to get your hair green, sheesh. He can do the dull stuff too. . . *rolls eyes and sticks out tongue*

On a side note, while I was being turned into a Pixie, a bouncy teenager with pretty strawberry blond hair down her back came in and had it all chopped off into an adorable bob cut. But the hair cut wasn't her real reason--she donated all 10 inches to Locks for Love! I don't expect to ever have that much hair, so I admire the ladies that do this, like this teen, my cousin and my aunt. You gals ROCK!

(Warning: Clicking on the images will open BIGGER images in another window.)


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You will always be my crazy pixie!!!

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