13 June 2007


I got a hit for someone searching for "Orlando Bloom briefs". Now, ladies, I gotta tell you, Orlando's briefs are not here for two reasons. A) He was wearin' 'em when he left and B) he's not my type. No, really, he's not. If I were in Middle Earth, I'd be admiring the Rohan. If I were sailing the Caribbean. . .well, heck, I've dug Johnny Depp since the 80's fer crying out loud. If this were Troy, I'd be, I'd be. .. I'd probably be hot and cranky and be wanting to go home. So, sorry, no Orlando, briefs or otherwise, here.

Of course, if John Lennon were to have resurrected and come by. . . Or even Rudolph Valentino. . . Yes, I'm a Rudy fan girl. So shoot me. But, lucky for Stoney, they are both dead. (And I admire Yoko too much to tease about her husband too very much.)

Yep, both Stoney's main rivals are dead--and his only other rival, Severus Snape, (and I'm NOT talking about the movie version; don't even go there cuz you don't want a lecture about how Alan Rickman's a fine actor but is NOT Snape and never will be for a multitude of reasons, yadda yadda ya) is fictional, so he's pretty well safe there, too.

Unlike me. I still have to worry about him running away with Slim. Sigh.


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