26 July 2007

Mommy and Son

Just finished reading Son of a Witch. Must admit to great disappointment. Maguire left WAY too many loose ends, asked more questions in the last couple of chapters than he answered in the whole book and, quite frankly, appears to have set himself up for more in a series. Boo hiss, I say. Wicked: Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West was a marvelous book, with a rich world and characters that I truly cared about. I was excited to read more about Liir and instead found it anticlimactic. If you've read Wicked, of course you'll ignore this and read Son of. .. how can you not--you cared about Elphaba so you've got to know. But, if you think like I do, I can almost guarantee you'll feel let down too.

On a completely different book aisle, I also just finished reading the book I got Stoney for Father's Day. Oh lordy. . . I love James Lileks. He is snarky, sarcastic and adorable and Mommy Knows Worst is no exception. It is filled with vintage clips of parenting advice coupled with his quips about it. Side-splittingly funny, sometimes painfully so. If you're not familiar with Lileks, read his blog where he shares about work, family and general life. Stoney and I love this man. He's like Garrison Keiler, just more sardonic.



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