01 August 2008

Gaiman Giveaway

On Gaiman's journal, he linked to a giveaway for his latest book. The rules were to write last words for the following:
1. A famous (or infamous) living character of your choosing

2. Someone on the very cusp of dying in a very stupid manner

3. And you, personally — in the brief moments before you shuffle off this mortal coil.

Here are my entries:

1. Virginia Woolf, on walking into the river, “At last, I can be my own self, have my own room, be free. . .”

2. Stupid Person’s last words, “Here, hold my beer!”

3. My last words will most likely be, “But I’ve still got another chapter left to read!”

Number two is an old joke between Stoney and I, that has gone on for years now--we always imagine nearly every stupid thing that happens in our area to start with those four words. LOL

Anyway, put on your thinking caps and see if you can win an advance copy. I've not read all his books, by any means, but I do dig him! I've got two in my to-be-read shelf right now. :D


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