01 August 2008

Woot! CueCat!

My CueCat came from LibraryThing today and it is awesome! It is going to save me mondo amounts of time in the adding of books to my library catalog. I am SOOOO excited! So easy, too. Just plug it in, and scan the bar code. Granted, LOTS of my books don't have bar codes--or even ISBNs. . . or even publication dates--but many do, so this will make it a cakewalk. Here's an image of it that I borrowed from the Wikipedia:

(I had to borrow the image, as my CueCat is plugged into the slot that my digital camera output is normally plugged into; some rearranging may have to be done.)

It's history is simply amazing; even if you have no interest in owning one for LibraryThing, reading the Wiki article might be of interest, giving an insight into the fickle world of computer gimmicks.


Blogger Debra Hamel said...

Very cool! Your entire library should be catalogued in no time!

4:40 PM  

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