01 October 2008

NonFiction Challenge Update, among other things

I DID finish it! I read Zero: the biography of a dangerous idea and Cider With Rosie, both last month. I just polish up my reviews of them. I'm struggling with allergies and coworkers and not enough hours in the day. And then a friend loaned me a vampire series which I sucked down (excuse the pun) in just over a week; it was cheezy and awesome and deserves some mention, but I can't remember the author and am too lazy to google it so I'll look it up and blog it later. I hope. Funny thing is that I inadverdantly did Carl V's RIP challenge because of them. LOL

And then there's that alternative history series I read that I loved so much I just can't figure out how to review it. And two mediocre children's books from Amazon Vine. And isn't this Buy a Friend a Book Week? Or is that next week? I gotta go look it up. I'd link but that would mean moving in my chair and I can't do that at this moment.

But the good news? One of my kiddos pee-peed in the potty today after a week long power struggle, another said "apple" yesterday, and a third is nearly read to move into a class with typical kids full time. Life is GREAT!


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