11 October 2008


Finished Nation by Pratchett last night. It was quite powerful, sometimes sad, always beautiful, very moving and inspiring and I'm just too fresh from it to write the review. To be honest, I'm not sure HOW to review it. 5/5 stars, yes, but how to convey the depths? I'm sounding sappy, but. . . It was fantastic in a sweet, sad, truthful, joyful way. There's no way to put that into words that make sense and can be an actual review, especially since it's a YA book that deserves a cohesive review. I'm stumped for now, but let me just say that those of you that are afraid to try him because of his Discworld stuff should try this one. It's not Discworld and it's wonderful.

I'll try to do better later.


Blogger Debi said...

Oh but Medbie, I loved this little review! Seriously, it was so full of emotion, and I swear you would have had me out buying the book just from your reaction to it if I hadn't already done so because of Nymeth's review.

1:36 PM  

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