07 September 2008

It's Alive!

Yeah, um, I'm still alive. Big time stress at work makes for big time tiredness at home. I have over 200 email messages I've not read, I'm behind on book reviews AGAIN (blast it all, I just got caught up!) and the dishes are being sneaky and trying to pile up. But, each year, my classroom each year is my all consuming focus and I tend to let everything else (book reviews, house organization, correspondence, etc) slide, with the exception of immediate family, until the summer. I don't regret that and wouldn't for a moment change it. I just wish I could add about two more hours into the day so it wouldn't happen! And it's not that I'm a workaholic, I was never like this about any other job, it's just that these kiddos are always in the back of my mind when they aren't on the forefront and I spend a lot of time in though brainstorming how to help certain things or looking for materials for other things or just being doggone tired from all the expended energy of the day. But, it's worth it. How many other people get to say "I LOVE my job" and really mean it?

I'm changing my hair color at the end of this month and realized that I had never posted a photo of my recent color. It's been purple since November and no photos! Here's one Stoney took in July. I had blue for the months in between green and purple, but as far as I can find, there were no photos taken. Ah well.

Your author sporting Purple Haze by Manic Panic.

Finished a REALLY good ARE; most of the review is written, just needs to be polished. I'll get that up soon I hope, because it was a super book and deserves to be read! I have just a few pages left and I'll be done with my non-fiction challenge. (And then I'll have two reviews to post for it *bangs head on desk*.)


Blogger Debi said...

Oh my goodness, I love your hair!!! Can't wait to see what color comes next! I'll bet the kids love it, too, don't they?

It is a good thing that you love your job so much. Both for you and for those extremely lucky kiddos! And you all are far more important than any dumb pile of dishes or book review that needs written. Of course, you are missed out here in blogland, but that's just selfishness talking on my part. :)

Have a wonderful week, Medbie!

6:33 AM  
Blogger Medbie said...

(((hugs))) Too sweet! Thanks Debi!

Ah. .. the next color is a secret! :P

And yes, the children that notice, do love my hair! :D

6:44 PM  

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