26 July 2009

Anniversary by the River

We celebrated our anniversary a little early yesterday (it will be on Tuesday) with a lovely day down by the river, taking photos and then riding the riverboat. (click on the photos for full-sized images; it opens in this same page though, so you'll have to click back)

It was at this very spot, 8 years ago, that he leaned over and said, "Wanna slip off and get married next Saturday?". I don't remember exactly what I said or did, but it must've been an affirmative.

Three ladies on kayaks; the colors were just lovely on the river.

My newly colored (Shocking Blue by Manic Panic), wildly windblown hair.

Lovely summer blossoms:

This couple just struck me as cute:

Architecture and monuments are my favorite things to photograph.

I like ducks a lot. Not as much as bats or turtles, but a really big much.

They sell fish food at the steamboat gift shop, and believe me, the carp expect it! They begin congregating, coming from fathoms deep, as soon as people start walking over the bridge to the steamboat office. Feeding them was amazing; they are huge and there are so many of them it felt a bit like a horror movie. Stoney snagged a quick video with his camera; be glad there is no sound as it was really gross! The ducks give a good size reference. These monsters were HUGE! (Don't fault Stoney for the poor video. Every time we upload it anywhere, it gets stretched larger than it is and that makes it look bad. But, you'll still get the point!)

The riverboat was fantastic! So relaxing and so much fun. An immemsely enjoyable hour and a half! I was excited to see that the paddles really do propel the boat. They were fascinating to watch.

We passed under three bridges, twice each of course, allowing me a lot of bridge photography from an angle I don't normally get to see. That might have been my favorite part of the whole trip, the bridges. Well that and just enjoying Stoney's company in a new place. That is always fun.

A fellow passenger enjoying the river:

It was a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon, and I think we're going to make it an anniversary tradition.


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