05 July 2009

>.< Ooo! Cupcakes!

Friday was a lovely day. Stoney was off work, so we had lunch out and did some grocery shopping. Lunch was at my new favorite restaurant, which has The Best hummus EVER. It is so garlicky, it's still fighting with my tongue when it hits my stomach. YUMMY!

After that, it was the local organic farmer's market. Oh, how I wish I had taken my camera. The colors were amazing! It just seemed that Friday the flowers and vegetables were more colorful than ever before. The little eggplants, in particular, stand out in my mind. Still young, not a deep purple, but a lavendery color. Gorgeous. As always, there were vegetables that I had heard of, but never actually seen, and certainly couldn't cook and probably wouldn't eat if I could. But that's part of the fun.

We've decided maybe we should raise chickens. Home grown eggs get a good price. How hard could it be?

I know, I know. . . but seriously, when we have our own place and can be a bit self-sufficient, I think we'll try chickens. Not for us to eat; neither of us like farm eggs (I can barely stand eggs in the best of times) but other people just seem to love them. Plus, I think it would be fun. It's part of our running away dream anyhow.

After admiring everything and then buying some tomatoes and a few cucumbers (can you believe that I PAY for indigestion??), we headed over to Earth Fare, our local health food (but so much more store). Got more of that Thai Chicken soup that Stoney is in love with at the mo and I found some super yummy Vegetable Curry out of their deli. Had it for lunch today. Yowza! We got some naan too, so lunch was incredible today, with his soup and my curry and the naan, followed by the last half of my cupcake from their bakery. Luckily, except for the cupcake, it will be repeated tomorrow.

Sad about the cupcake. Wish I had more. I love cupcakes more than any other sweet, if they are good cupcakes. I don't like a light, fluffy cake. I like a dense, moist cake. Think homemade pineapple upside down cake. That kind of cake. And Earth Fare makes their cupcakes just like that. Totally heavenly. The icing is good too. I always get a cupcake when we go. Like a kid getting a cookie at the grocery store. It's part of the trip. I look forward to it from the time it is decided that we're going and I wonder, in the back of my head the entire time until I am actually in front of the bakery case, just what flavor cupcakes they will have today. Strawberry cake is my favorite, when they make it. Oh, to die for! Friday, it was yellow cake with chocolate icing. Still, worth a major felony.

Then comes the long, interminable ride home until I can actually EAT the cupcake. We had to stop at the regular grocery store to pick up a few other things (namely my favorite brand of cheese and some olives for salads and a bag of ice because you can't drink ice water unless you have ice, now can you?) so that made the wait SO much longer.

I try not to throw the groceries down and dive into my cupcake. I have to have SOME maturity. So, it's put up the groceries--an unbelievably long process--change into comfy clothes and then. . . ah yes, then, with the soy milk on the table beside me, fork in hand, I eye it up for just a minute in the sweet certainty that the cupcake is MINE! Then, it's nom nom nom.

So, Friday was a fantastic day, what with hummus and cupcakes and the like.

Until the pipe broke under the kitchen sink, but I've already told you how awesome Stoney is about stuff like that. Takes it in stride and good humor, no problem. At least once a year we have a holiday disaster; if this is our holiday disaster, I'll take it. We just put an empty kitty liter bucket under it, mopped up the floor and Stoney fixed it this morning. Easy done.

Today has been a lazy day. Other than his venture to Home Depot, we've stayed in and gamed all day. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

And now, today is really tomorrow, and he's asleep and the cat's are asleep and I SHOULD be asleep, but I just keep thinking about how much I wish I had another cupcake.


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