02 July 2009

Mainly About Showers

Yesterday was a totally wasted day. After not sleeping at all Tuesday night (seriously), I finally fell asleep sometime after 5:30, while Stoney was getting ready for work. Threw the whole day off. When I did get up, all I did was brush my teeth, step in a hair ball, drink some water, run through email/twitter/blogs, write a post and then eat breakfast. By that time, Stoney was home, so I took a shower. Which took about half an hour. You know how it is, when you've not showered in a coupla days. Just seems to take forever to get all the grime--

Wha? You don't know? Well, then you're A) not a gamer geek, B) not afraid to shower behind a curtain you can't see through or C) not all of the above. I am C. I'll admit it. I go days without showering--but only if I'm at home. I won't go in public without a bathe. That's too hippie even for me. (Notice I didn't say ANYTHING about shaving my legs.) We're especially bad about it on the weekends, Stoney and I, as we'll start gaming as soon as we get up and game until we collapse 12 hours later, sleep and repeat.

Of course, given our current shower curtain condition, I can't shower without him home anyway. I MUST have a clear shower curtain. Oddly enough, this phobia developed long before I saw Janet Leigh get sliced and diced; that just clinched it. Our actual curtain is clear--a lovely clear curtain with black and white designs from Target, totally diggable--but when I bought this last liner, I just wasn't paying enough attention. It's so opaque Jobba the Hutt could be outside it and I'd never know.

Granted my tom cat, General, usually guards me when I'm in the shower. Really, he does. He takes up a post on the rug in front of the heater (I prefer to think he's guarding me, not waiting to trip me up or just soaking all the heat from the heater) and stays with me until I leave the bathroom. But honestly, what good is a 9 pound fluff ball gonna do against a determined psycho killer? He might put of a vacillating one, but if the psycho is determined. . . There is a chance that General MIGHT accidentally trip up the would-be-murderer as s/he makes a lunge for the curtain, causing the knife to fall and then I'd be able to grab it and defend myself, but most likely, s/he'd be using a gun instead and just shoot me from the door (which I NEVER shut when I'm showering no matter if the curtain is clear or not!) so I really shouldn't count on it. It's just better to have a clear shower curtain. That has magically deterred any would be attackers for all these years. But right now, my curtain is NOT clear, and I have to wait until Stoney is home to shower. Which is what I did yesterday. And it took, like, half an hour, cause I hadn't showered in a coupla days.

Happily, Stoney never mentions when I don't shower. That is generally because he hasn't showered either, but during the summer when I'm home and he's not, he still doesn't notice because he smoked for 20 years and his sense of smell is kinda dead and I have to be really ripe before he could smell me and believe me, I will have showered by then.

It's not that I don't LIKE to shower. I do. I use Zum bar soaps from Indigo Wild and that makes every shower a lovely experience. I like the Tea Tree-Citrus the best. Very potent stuff! Stoney likes the Sea Salt and the Rosemary. The Grapefruit is yummy too. Warning: don't get the Cinnamon or the Peppermint to use for anything but your hands. IT BURNS! I bought some of it at Christmas and YOWSA! I'm still using the last half bar of Cinnamon for hand washing in the bath room. It's great because my hands smell like cinnamon for a long time afterward and that makes me think of spicy desserts.

Thinking of which is making me hungry. I go eat now. (Looks like I've wasted another day. . . )


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