14 June 2007

Neville IS the Shizznit!

While browsing for the appropriate apparel for the Book 7 festivities, my husband found this one for me. I LOVE Neville; he IS the Shizznit! I just might have to get it, to show my support for my birthday-buddy and my second favorite character. (Something good better happen to him, or I will NOT be held responsible for the vitreous email that leaves my fingertips en route to the author!)

Once he showed me that, I had to start exploring too and spent an enjoyable hour perusing Cafe Press for Rowling-wear. Given my love of bats, I may have to purchase one of these Ballycastle Bats tees, or the Butterbeer tee (the Ballycastle mascot, Barty, is used in their ads).

Continuing my browsing, I ran across this little number. In case I've caught you without your glasses, it reads, "If you were Severus Snape, I wouldn't be wearing these." Bwahahaha.

This one made me laugh right out loud.

This one is a gem too:

I'm still not certain, lots more looking to do; besides we might go in costume. But, if we do go with tees, this one is at the top of my list thus far.


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