04 August 2008

Back to Work

Vacation is over; it's back to work time. I woke up at 2:30 this morning and never could go back to sleep, nervous, excited, worried. Had a good long chat with Caroline last night, so I feel much better about it, but it still doesn't ease up the emotions.

Kids won't start back until next Monday, so we'll have a whole week to get our classroom set up and all in readiness for them. I can't wait to see my young'uns from last year! There are several of them that I really missed this summer and several of them that I will miss this year, who will have moved on to other classes or other schools.

It's been a great summer though! I got quite a bit accomplished. Nothing like what I had planned, of course. Only about a third of my house cleaning/organizational project got finished, but I still feel pretty good about it. I threw bags and bags of stuff away, gave away some things, sent three boxes of kitchen stuff to the basement and at least five boxes of other things to the attic. We've been resisting the urge to have more "things" and over the spring moved into the next phase with it--having less things around us. It's been great and quite freeing! Many of these things have sentimental value or other value or for other reasons we just weren't ready to part with them quite yet, but I boxed them all up carefully and put detailed lists in page protectors and taped them to top of the boxes for easy future reference. Pretty much every thing of a knick knack, bric-a-brac, collectible type nature has been or soon will be packed up, along with memorabilia and mementos. We're keeping out just a few that will fit on two separate small shelves, and all else will be stored away. I have a feeling that, as time passes, it will be easier to part with more of it.

Stoney hurt his back, so until the steroids and anti-inflammatories kick in, bookcase building has had to be put on hold--my back doesn't let me move furniture by myself either! I still haven't gotten even half my books in my LibraryThing, but I'm working on it slowly. That's a project I continue into the school year, I hope.

It's been a great two months for reading--I've read a total of twenty books and finished two reading challenges! Hopefully I can keep up with my challenges even during the school year. Work just exhausts me--I don't know if it's because I work with special needs kiddos, because I give so much or because I just don't have the ability to mulitask very well. I'm hoping the new addition of thyroid medicine will help out.

So, I'm off to the shower and to start a new school year--after a cup of Starbucks: no way I can make the whole day with out a large dose of caffeine, and I rarely use the drug but today it will be a necessity!


Blogger Debi said...

Good luck today, Medbie! I know you're not looking forward to the change, but I hope things turn out better than you imagine. And let me just say a big "THANK YOU" for the work you do. My boys both went to a preschool in which each class was made up of 12 students, half of which were special needs students. A wonderful, incredible assortment of children. But as rewarding as it must have been for the teachers, it had to have been 10 times as exhausting. My boys' teachers will always rate among my all-time favorite, most admired, most loved people in the world!

10:26 AM  
Blogger Medbie said...

I can't imagine how challenging an inclusion class like that would be! I'm exhausted from just special needs; add typical kids to the mix and I would be DEAD! LOL

I don't deserve any thanks--I was made with love for these guys. :D God created me this way; I could just as easily not love them as I could not breathe!

7:48 PM  
Blogger Debi said...

Oh, you're so wrong...that's all the more reason to thank you! You chose to follow your calling...that's an incredible gift to these kids!

3:00 PM  

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