05 June 2007

Gomit in the Warmie

There is SO nothing worse than stepping in cat puke unexpectedly. At least, when I'm expecting it, am trying to find it, when I know it's there somewhere, the sensation is not nearly so bad. Oh, sure, it's still yucky, but I knew it was going to be around here somewhere, cuz I heard the chucking sounds coming from this direction, and I've got the Clorox wipes in my hand--I can sterilize my foot first, then get on with the floor.

But, when I'm just walking through the house, minding my own, and a step, taken in certainty and assured safety, suddenly lands in hairball or vomit or that nasty liquidy throw-up with a bit of grass in it. . . Well, it's enough to make me want to do what Deb's preternaturally lovely, frighteningly precocious youngest once said and "gomit in the warmie".

*gags and Cloroxes foot some more*


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