05 June 2007

Tuesday Ramblings

What's up with me: Having a relaxing moment(s) before starting in on some of my summer projects. I'm doing a little every day, and even though I've only been doing this for two days (couldn't yesterday), I've already made a dent. Of course, each project requires another to be started, so the house will look worse before it looks better, but that's a-okay with me. The important thing is, I've got until the first of August and that's plenty of time to get everything feeling comfortable again!

They've increased the number of unscheduled inservice hours we need each year, so I'm getting a jump on it and taking a bunch of things through the free summer technology program our school system offers. Yesterday, I took a 3 hour beginning Mac course. I'm a Windows/PC gal. I can do just about anything on Windows. No joke. And yet, I couldn't ever figure out how to turn our classroom Mac on. Again, no joke. Our school got a great deal on Macs and so we have three Macs per classroom. . . no PCs anywhere. . . and I've been SOOOOO struggling. Yesterday, not only did I learn how to turn it on, I got some basic knowledge! Friday, I get to spend 4 hours playing with Google Earth (and get inservice credit for it Bwahahahahaha) and next Monday I'll take the Mac II course, so I can do Excel on Macs. I always had to take the student info home, or to another office and make my spreadsheets on Windows. LOL Now, I'll be able to do it on our classroom computer! Huzzah!

In July, I'll have two courses on Windows Power Point (part 1 and 2). They offered it for Macs, too, but I thought I'd be more likely to use it in Windows and HOPEFULLY it won't be TOO different and I can take what I learn and apply to the school computer if I need to. That, plus a day long seminar I'm going to in July will pretty much fill up my unscheduled inservice hours. So there!

Last night I leveled up one of my hunters, played with my new paladin and did some rogue quests with Stoney. I love World of Warquest. A friend (of indigoblog fame, which sadly is not up at the moment or I would link to it) tells me that Lord of the Rings Online is better. But, to that I have to say this. . . I love the LOTR books! And I totally dig the movies! But, because I know what happens and I HATE anything that is not cannon as far as books are concerned, I just don't think I would like it, despite the beauty of the world and characters. Besides, other than being a Rohan Shield Maiden (and I don't think any female characters are in the game, but I'm not sure), I can't get excited about playing any of those characters. Hobbits? NO THANKS! Elves? Not really my bag. Humans? Let's face it, if I want to play a human, I'll be Lara Croft or play No One Lives Forever (Cate Archer is my HERO!). Otherwise, humans are SO boring in games! Last I heard, we couldn't play the bad guys, though that might not be truth either. But, the whole out-of-cannon business, and the fact that I'm a WoW addict, is enough to keep me from being willing to even demo the game.

Geez, how'd I get off on that?

I'm reading: Come to the Quiet by John Michael Talbot and The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents by Terry Pratchett. It's not as good as his other YA books, the Tiffany Aching series, but it's still good. I mean, heck, it's Pratchett. :D

I completely gave up on Laurell K. Hamilton's Incubus Dreams. It got SO utterly boring and, quite frankly, truly crappy. I really enjoyed the first five or six of the series, and Obsidian Butterfly (book 9) was my favorite (probably because all that relationship crap wasn't in there), but. . . after that it just got silly. She totally lost me with this one. So much so, that I'm taking this one, and the rest of the series, back to my friend unread. This being said about a series that had me staying up till 2 am on work nights. *shrugs* That's what happens when the author goes all silly.

Okay, enough chatter, I've got work to do!

Just finished reading: Cerulean Sins by Laurell K. Hamilton

Stoney is: Working for the man and laughing inwardly at his coworker--Mean ol' Stoney!

Latest movie watched: Howl's Moving Castle, which was good, but the book was a bijillon times better, of course.

I'm listening to: Cat collars jingling and what I HOPE is not the sound of some feline hooking claws in furniture. Not that it really matters, pretty much my whole house is either feline safe or a feline destroyed anyway, but it's the principle of the matter. . .

Quote of the day: "And I was all like, dude!" Stoney

The weather is: 81, sunny and I have no intentions of venturing out of my nicely air conditioned nest.


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