05 June 2007

Vacuum Adventures

I have an amazingly good vacuum cleaner as can be seen by the list of things I vacuumed up today--some on purpose, some entirely accidently! Note: I was using the long hose attachment,luckily, so I didn't burn up or break the belt during said bookshelf-moving-vacuuming-in-the-wake adventure.
3 foot white gauze scarf; only about three inches were showing by the time I was able to grab it back.

3 bullets (.22 Magnum blanks, despite the fact we don't own a Magnum anything!), though they didn't make it all the way up the hose and I was able to shake them back out.

1 pencil, same as above.

Enough cat hair to knit at least two kittens.

An entire ladybug graveyard, consisting of several hundreds of the damn things.

1 small piece of cardboard which made the most horrid sound going up

Something that might have been an earring, but I've not decided if I want to go through the bag to see for sure.

A scary looking piece of string that jumped out at me from behind a bookcase; I'm not sure it should have been vacuumed up, but, as above, I'm not sure it's worth hunting through the yuck to see what it was.

A plastic fork, which thankfully got hung before it made it all the way in the hose.

1 black button, suicidal. (I tried to stop it, honestly, it was just so fast!)

1/2 cup of cat litter.

A few purchase receipts.

Something unseen that was truly frightening sounding.

The broom, almost.

I would say that I need to vacuum more often behind the bookshelves, but. . .I'm not going to move them just to vacuum. HARD work!


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